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5 of the Best Gutter Guards: Pros and Cons and Their Prices

Date: July 13, 2023

Gutter guards have gained popularity among homeowners seeking effective solutions to protect their gutters and reduce maintenance. These innovative devices prevent debris like leaves and twigs from clogging gutters and downspouts. Acting as a barrier, gutter guards ensure smooth water flow, minimize the need for frequent cleaning, and safeguard our homes against water damage. 

In this post, we will explore 5 of the best gutter guards, their benefits and drawbacks, along with their prices and why they have become a preferred choice for homeowners aiming to improve the functionality and lifespan of their gutter systems.

The best gutter guards with prices and their pros and cons:

1. RainDrop Gutter Guards (avg $12.00/ft)

RainDrop gutter guard


RainDrop gutter guards are versatile - RainDrop gutter guards are highly versatile, capable of fitting seamlessly onto roofs of any style and accommodating a wide range of gutter sizes. They fit standard 5" and 6" gutters commonly found in residential properties and can also be adjusted to fit gutter sizes ranging from 4" to 10". This adaptability makes RainDrop gutter guards a convenient and effective solution for homeowners seeking to safeguard their gutters.

RainDrop gutter guards can handle any amount of water - No matter the intensity of a downpour, the RainDrop® Gutter Guard can handle any amount of water effortlessly. Unlike other products that struggle with high-volume valleys, RainDrop® excels in effectively managing such situations.

RainDrop gutter guards are durable - RainDrop gutter guards are made from a combination of polypropylene and UV stabilizers. This blend has been specifically engineered to endure severe storms, extreme heat, and freezing cold temperatures. These gutter guards are constructed with a strong focus on durability, ensuring they can withstand the harshest weather conditions imaginable.

RainDrop gutter guards help in snow problems - RainDrop® Gutter Guards address ice-related issues. These guards naturally heat up during colder months when exposed to sunlight, causing the black color of the gutter guard to absorb heat. This natural heat absorption helps melt snow and ice, ensuring a continuous water flow into the gutters throughout the year.


Seed pods and pine needles infiltration - The product's design is susceptible to seed pods and pine needles infiltration in your gutters. As a result, individuals living in regions abundant with pine, maple, and locust trees might deem it less desirable and not the optimal choice to fulfill their requirements. 

Installation cost - Installing Raindrop gutter guards requires the use of tools and specialized fasteners, which may require hiring a professional, and hence can increase the overall cost of the purchase

2. ArmourGuards (Avg $5.00/ft)

ArmourGuard gutter guard


Armourguards are made from a durable aluminum frame - Armour gutter guards are crafted from 1/16" thick extruded aluminum, and the frame provides exceptional strength and durability to ensure long-lasting performance. This ensures the gutter guard can effectively handle various weather conditions and external pressures, offering reliable protection for your gutters.

ArmourGuard gutter guards are compatible with all roof and gutter systems. One of the key advantages of ArmourGuard gutter guards is their compatibility with all roof and gutter systems. The anodized aluminum construction of ArmourGuard not only provides strength and protection against dissimilar metals but also means it can be safely installed on copper and steel gutters without causing any corrosion or compatibility issues. 

ArmourGuards are debris-free - When it comes to keeping your gutters debris-free, ArmourGuard excels. ArmourGuards utilizes Surgical Grade 316L Stainless Steel 50 or 30 Micro Mesh, ensuring no organic material can grow or adhere to the screen. This means that leaves, pine needles, shingle grit, dirt, and other debris are effectively prevented from entering your gutters.

Furthermore, the mesh design allows for quick and easy shedding of any debris that does manage to find its way onto the guard. With ArmourGuard gutter guards, you can have the assurance of clean and clog-free gutters while keeping insects and pests out, ensuring the optimal functionality of your gutters, and maintaining a pest-free environment for long-term gutter protection. 


Installation cost - Including professional installation services will contribute to the overall expenses, as it necessitates skilled experts' involvement in the installation process.

3. Gutter Gekko Guards (Avg $16.00/ft)

gutter gekko guard


Gutter Gekko Guards are durable - Gekko Gutter Guards utilize a patented hemmed mesh process that securely links the gutter guard body to the micro mesh. This strong connection withstands weather, debris, and wear, ensuring long-lasting performance. The smooth surface allows dust and debris to be effortlessly blown away by the wind, keeping your gutters clean and clear.

Its surgical steel micro-mesh is carefully bonded to a robust 0.024" thick aluminum body, creating a durable construction that can withstand various weather conditions and withstand time. This ensures long-lasting protection for your gutters. Additionally, the gutter guard is equipped with inside and valley mitres, which provide complete coverage and eliminate any vulnerable areas where debris or water could enter, offering comprehensive safeguarding for your gutter system.

No need for continual gutter cleaning - With surgical-grade stainless steel micro-mesh incorporated into this gutter guard system, you can say goodbye to the constant task of gutter cleaning. The micro-mesh design seamlessly fits on all roof types, while the interlocking panels keep the seams secure, even during heavy rain, allowing the system to handle a remarkable water flow rate of up to 60 gallons per minute. The surgical steel micro-mesh serves as a defensive barrier, effectively warding off a wide range of small debris, including leaves, animal nests, pine needles, and gritty particles.

Gutter Gekko Guards are easy to install - When it comes to installation, this gutter guard system offers added convenience and structural reinforcement. It can be directly installed to the fascia, simplifying the installation process and strengthening the overall structure of your gutters, enhancing their stability and longevity.


Installation cost - While the installation process of these gutter guards may be relatively easier compared to other options, it is still recommended to enlist the services of a professional for proper installation.

4. Gutter RX Guards (Avg $8.00/ft)

gutter rx guard


Gutter Rx guards are versatile - Gutter Rx guards are a versatile gutter protection system that seamlessly adapts to any roof style, ensuring compatibility and easy installation. Its innovative design features interlocking panels made entirely of durable aluminum, securely attaching to both 5" and 6-inch gutters without causing any interference to your roof's integrity.

Gutter Rx guards can manage water and debris effectively - When it comes to managing water and debris, Gutter Rx excels with its unique wavy surface. This cleverly engineered feature effectively prevents leaves and debris from adhering to the gutter guard's surface. 

With hundreds of optimally sized holes scattered across each panel, Gutter Rx efficiently accepts large volumes of rainwater, allowing it to flow through while swiftly drying out any debris present on the surface. This means that even with a gentle breeze, the accumulated debris easily falls off the guard and onto the ground, keeping your gutters clear and unobstructed. Gutter Rx is specifically designed to prevent most leaves and debris from entering your gutters, ensuring they stay clean and free-flowing.

Gutter Rx guards are durable  - Gutter Rx stands out in terms of performance and durability. Made from solid aluminum, it ensures years of trouble-free operation. Unlike plastic or PVC gutter guards that can deteriorate or change shape over time, Gutter Rx maintains its sturdiness and resilience, delivering reliable and long-lasting gutter protection.


Pine needles and seeds infiltration - Although Gutter RX Guards provide effective protection against most types of debris, it is important to note that they may have limitations when it comes to preventing the passage of certain small particles, such as pine needles and seeds.

5. Foam Gutter Guards (Avg $4.00/ft)

foam gutter guard


Foam gutter guards are easy to install - One of the major advantages of foam gutter guards is their ease of installation, as they can be easily installed without hiring professionals. With foam gutter guards, you can do the installation yourself.

Foam gutter guards are versatile - Selecting the ideal size of foam gutter guard for your gutters is a simple task. By accurately measuring your gutters, you can effortlessly choose the appropriate gutter sponges that fit flawlessly. Should you encounter any slight variations in size, foam gutter guards can be readily trimmed or cut to ensure a precise and secure fit. This flexibility ensures that you can achieve an optimal installation tailored to the specific dimensions of your gutters.

Foam gutter guards require less maintenance - Foam gutter guards offer the advantage of reducing the need for frequent gutter cleaning. These guards mold to the shape of your gutters, enabling water to flow freely while effectively blocking leaves and twigs. By keeping debris out, foam gutter guards minimize the frequency of gutter cleaning required.

Foam gutter guards are an economical choice - These gutter guards are cost-effective and readily available at hardware stores. They are among the least expensive options for gutter protection, making them an affordable solution for homeowners.


Favorable environment for the growth of small trees - Foam and brush guards can deteriorate, shrink, or harden over time, creating a favorable environment for the growth of small trees. These issues necessitate ongoing cleaning and maintenance.

Can be a breeding ground for insects - The trapped moisture within the guards can create a breeding ground for insects like mosquitoes while promoting mold formation and rot. This poses potential health hazards and increases the risk of fire.


Consider the following pros and cons to help you make an informed decision about your gutter guard needs. By carefully weighing these factors, you can ensure that you choose the option that best suits your requirements and maximize the benefits you can derive from them.

While gutter guards offer numerous benefits, it's still essential to understand that not all gutter guards are created equal. Professional advice will help you navigate through the various types and options available, ensuring you select the most suitable gutter guards for your home.

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