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From the start, Modern Exterior Roofing committed itself to offering the best roofing service for Southeast Wisconsin Residents. We are always researching and developing processes that allow us to bring even greater returns to each of our customers. Through experience and time we have come to the conclusion that one of those ways to better serve our customers was to staff a project manager on each and every job. 
Everyone knows the difference between right and wrong, and it’s up to us to always act with integrity.
Over-communication is the backbone of our business, ensuring understanding for contractor and homeowner.
We will always conduct ourselves with dignity and show respect to everyone we meet as part of our work.

Our inspection team is made up of highly skilled and experienced individuals, each of whom brings their unique talents and expertise to the table. In addition to their technical expertise, our inspection team members are also exceptional communicators. They help our clients make the right decision and find a unique solution to whatever problem they might have. 
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Our Team

Roofing Worker in a Hard hat sitting at a desk
John Losiniecki
Project Consultant 
John is a seasoned expert in roofing projects, bringing many years of hands-on experience to every job. As one of the highest IQ project consultants at Modern Exterior, he combines his extensive knowledge with strategic insights to deliver exceptional results. 
A Headshot of Haylee Hull in a Modern Exterior Polo
Haylee Hull
Project Consultant 
Haylee is a dedicated problem-solver. With two years of experience, she is one of the youngest employees at Modern Exterior and brings fresh perspectives to the team. Outside of work, Haylee enjoys spending time with her young child, Cian.
Construction Planner Calculating measurements for a project off of blueprints.
Daniel Church
Project Consultant 
Dan is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience from owning his own exterior company. His expertise and leadership have made him a respected figure in the industry. In his free time, Dan races stock cars around Southeast Wisconsin.

Close up of man smiling in front of house under construction
Luke Walters
Project Manager
Luke comes from an electrical background. Known for his expertise and attention to detail. He is currently in the process of obtaining his state GC license, further enhancing his skills and qualifications. In his off-season, Luke enjoys snowboarding, bringing his adventurous spirit to the slopes.
Roofing Owner Tyler Hull standing on a roof with trees in the background
Tyler Hull
General Manager
Tyler Hull brings over a decade of expertise in residential construction, backed by a degree in civil engineering. His extensive experience includes working on large-scale projects such as The Rock Sports Complex in Franklin, American Family Amphitheater & Foxconn. 
A man standing in front of a truck that says Roofing, siding, gutters.
Charlie Rono
Sales Manager
With a detailed background in customer relations Charlie excels in challenging the status quo. Working with multiple startups and roofing companies Charlie found his home where he manages the consulting team and implementing a quality first ideology. After work Charlie is a talented chef who dotes on his wife and young daughter. 

Modern Exterior roofer is Replacing a roof bath vent on a shingle roof with ice and water around the vent.
Brian Flores
Roofing Technician 
Brian is one of the youngest employees, he is fearless when it comes to tackling any job or height. In his free time, he enjoys working on his truck and is one of the best cooks around. Brian's versatility and enthusiasm make him a valuable asset to the team.
Roofing Crew Member Sitting on roof by chimney about to install Shingles
Raffel Moreno 
Roofing Team Leader
Raffel brings over 16 years of experience leading a roofing crew, specializing in flat roofs and custom shingle applications. His expertise and leadership have made him a trusted figure in the company. Outside of work, Raffel enjoys playing music in his polka band, adding a lively rhythm to his life.
Picture of a roofer inside a building with a cowboy hat
Jerson Meija 
Roofing Team Leader 
Jerson has been roofing since he was fourteen. He grew up roofing with his father and mother who also both worked in the roofing industry. Now Jerson manages his crew and has worked with Modern exterior for four years! 

Man holding a gutter in front of a building with materials in the back
Chase Seliger
Production and Quality Control Manager
A great asset to Modern Exterior, bringing a unique blend of Military discipline, commitment and attention to detail. Chase previously spent 8 years in the Military and worked with a company doing exterior disaster restoration. When he’s not busy overseeing projects, Chase enjoys attending Brewer games cheering on his favorite team. 

Headshot of man in neon construction sweater and black hat with the word Modern Exterior on it.
Jose Gonzalez 
Project Manager 
Prior to joining Modern Exterior, Jose collaborated with Chase at a disaster restoration service company, where he honed his construction expertise. With his vast knowledge in construction, Jose brings wisdom and insight to the projects he oversees.
Headshot of guy with curly hair in polo
Anthony Gonzalez
Project Technician  
Anthony recently begun his tenure with our team, bringing new enthusiasm to the table. With a proactive approach, he is poised to make significant contribution to our projects. Anthony’s dedication and eagerness to learn make him a high class roofer. 

Caleb Ruitta Headshot Receiving Award
Caleb Riutta
Marketing Director
Caleb is a marketing expert who has successfully grown over 12 companies with his exceptional skills in online outreach and understanding of Google algorithms. His strategic approach ensures businesses gain maximum visibility and engagement in the digital space. 
Co-Marketing Director Headshot Phillipp eating pizza
Phillipp Schaetz
Transatlantic Cyberspace Technician 
Phillipp is a self-taught tech enthusiast who has successfully launched altcoins, and AI response services. His relentless pursuit of knowledge and innovation has established him as "TechBro" Phillipp continually pushes the boundaries of technology and digital entrepreneurship.
Simon Schaetz
Civil Relations and Commercial Building Communications of South East Wisconsin
With a solid background in international relations, Simon excels in bridging communication between government entities and commercial building projects, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

Young Roofer with Curley hair sitting on roofing truck with ladders and modern exterior logo
Dominic Fazio
Roofing Technician 
Dominic began his roofing career at the age of 14 and is one of the hardest workers. His dedication and work ethic are unmatched, making him a vital asset to any team. Outside of work, Dominic excels in chess, boasting a rating of over 1600, which highlights his strategic thinking and problem-solving skills.
Roofer Repairing a shingle roof ridge with shingles and a pry-bar
Eulia Martin Alonzo 
Roofing & Siding Technician 
Martin is a versatile professional skilled in both siding and roofing, bringing over 12 years of siding and roofing experience to his projects. Beyond his technical expertise, he is deeply committed to his community, actively participating in charity work through his church. 
Siding Installer in front of a work truck giving the peace sign and smiling
Jaiver Sanchez 
Siding Technician 
Javier was a funny and hardworking individual who always brought joy to those around him. He had a genuine passion for his work and took pride in everything he did. Javier's love for his wife Catherine was unwavering, and his memory continues to live on after his passing in 2023.

Roofing Estimator Sitting in a chair listening to a presentation with a desk behind him.
Jay Mcginnis
Insurance Specialist 
Jay is a seasoned insurance specialist with a wealth of experience in the industry. Over the years, Jay has successfully handled hundreds of claim cases, earning a reputation for ambitious and outgoing dedication to clients.
Headshot of Nina St Maria with a grey background
Nina St.Maria 
Virtual Assistant 
Nina is our talented website design and SEO specialist, bringing creativity from across the globe. She excels in video editing and content creation, ensuring our online presence is both visually appealing and highly effective. Nina's independent and problem solving skills are cherished here. 
Headshot of woman with Brown Hair
Dayna Leisticow 
Admin Manager 
Dayna is a consummate professional with exceptional organizational and communication skills. Her dedication and efficiency make her a standout in all her endeavors. When she's not excelling at work, Dayna enjoys relaxing with her family at their lake house up north.

Headshot of Toni Rose Lumag
Toni Rose Lumag
Virtual Assistant  
Toni is our cheerful and efficient virtual assistant, always bringing a positive attitude to her work. She excels in YouTube management and video editing, creating engaging and professional content. Toni answers the phone on weekends ensuring we never miss a call. 
Exterior Employee giving thumbs up in front of shingles and truck
Dylan Lewandowski 
Siding Technician 
Dylan brings a solid background in construction, excelling in completing small, complicated siding projects with precision. His expertise and problem-solving skills make him a go-to resource for the team. Dylan’s dedication to quality and detail ensures every project meets the highest standards.
guy with thumbs up in yellow construction shirt
Carlos Sosa
Siding Technician 
Carlos grew up immersed in the world of siding, soffit, and fascia projects, gaining hands-on experience from a young age. His deep-rooted knowledge and expertise in these areas make him an invaluable asset to our team. Carlos’s dedication to quality is evident in every project he undertakes.
an image showing a roof inspection for a roofing project

Today, Modern Exterior Roofing is operated by three of the most value driven individuals in Wisconsin. Those values are transferred to every associate within Modern and are applied through our special process. It is that model that has allowed us to provide customer service unmatched within the industry.

Modern Exterior Roofing Continues to grow every year with the help of referrals and unmatched reviews. In fact this year Modern Exterior has now become the highest rated roofing company for value and professionalism In both Waukesha and Milwaukee County. Modern Exterior is everything you need for the exterior of your home, from roofing to siding to soffit, fascia, gutters and windows. We are Waukesha's best exterior remodeler and it is thanks to the positive reputation with each and every customer.

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