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Can I Change the Roof Color of My Flat Roof?

Date: August 1, 2023


Are you tired of the monotonous color of your flat roof and wondering if it's possible to change it? The good news is that Rapid Roof III coatings can give your flat roof a fresh new look while enjoying several benefits. In this blog post, we will explore the advantages of using Rapid Roof III coatings in the climate conditions of Wisconsin. We will also discuss types of flat roofs, types of roof color, and how these coatings can improve energy efficiency, reduce utility costs, and highlight the reputable manufacturer, Conklin, and their range of spray coatings designed to cater to various roofing needs.

3 Types of Flat Roofs 

1. Built-Up Roof (BUR)

The classic hot-tar-and-gravel roof consists of multiple layers of waterproof material alternating with hot tar and topped with a smooth river stone layer. Modern versions incorporate advanced materials like fiberglass membranes, replacing traditional tar paper.

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2. Modified Bitumen Roof

This single-ply rolled roof includes a mineral-based wear surface similar to ice-and-water shields. Torch-down systems heat the adhesive during installation, while newer peel-and-stick methods offer safer and easier application.

3. Rubber Membrane Roof

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) is a highly durable rubber material used for single-ply membrane roofing. Resembling an inner tube, it is designed to withstand sun damage and can be mechanically anchored, ballasted, or glued during installation.

Changing Roof Color with Rapid Roof III Coatings

Rapid Roof III is an innovative roof coating sealer that allows you to transform the appearance of your flat roof. Unlike traditional roof paints, Rapid Roof III coatings offer enhanced durability, ensuring they stand up to foot traffic, harsh weather conditions, and the test of time. With a vast array of colors, you can easily find the perfect shade to complement your home's aesthetics.

Apart from white, there are several other color options available for flat roofing, each with its unique characteristics and benefits:


Black flat roofs can lend commercial buildings a sophisticated and sleek appearance. They can also absorb more heat, making them a suitable choice for colder climates as they can assist in passive heating during winters.


While not literally blue, blue flat roofing is designed to retain and store rainwater effectively. This grayish option helps manage stormwater runoff and can be combined with a green roofing system for added sustainability.


Brown flat roofs offer a warm and inviting look, blending well with earthy surroundings and providing stability and reliability.


Gray is a versatile and popular color choice for flat roofing. It complements various architectural styles and can create a modern and contemporary appearance.


Green flat roofing refers to eco-friendly roof systems that either incorporate vegetation on the roof (green roofs) or use environmentally friendly materials. Green roofs can provide insulation, reduce energy costs, and contribute to urban biodiversity.

Mystic Gray

Mystic gray is a variation of gray with subtle undertones, providing a unique and nuanced look that can add depth to your commercial building's facade.

Barn Red

Barn red flat roofs can evoke a rustic and traditional feel, making them an excellent option for buildings with a classic or countryside aesthetic.


Tan-colored flat roofing offers a warm and neutral tone that complements various architectural styles, making it a popular and versatile choice.


As mentioned earlier, white flat roofing is a popular option due to its ability to reflect sunlight, reducing heat absorption and cooling costs. This energy-efficient choice suits various climates, including northern regions like Michigan.

When selecting a color for your flat roof, consider aesthetics, energy efficiency, and how the color will interact with your building's surroundings. Adequately chosen colors enhance your commercial building's appeal while providing functional benefits such as temperature regulation and environmental sustainability.

Advantages of Rapid Roof III Coatings in Wisconsin

Weather Resistance

Wisconsin experiences diverse climate conditions, from freezing winters to hot and humid summers. Rapid Roof III coatings are specially formulated to withstand extreme weather, providing excellent protection against UV rays, rain, and temperature fluctuations.

Extended Roof Lifespan

By applying Rapid Roof III coatings, you can significantly extend your flat roof's life. These coatings act as a protective barrier, preventing premature deterioration caused by weather exposure and wear.

Seamless and Waterproof

Rapid Roof III coatings create a seamless membrane over the roof surface, eliminating potential leak points and enhancing waterproofing capabilities. This is especially crucial in regions like Wisconsin, where heavy rainfall and snowfall are expected.

Energy Efficiency and Utility Cost Reduction

The choice of roof color can significantly impact a building's energy efficiency. Light-colored roofs, like white, reflect sunlight, reducing heat absorption and cooling loads during hot summer months. This, in turn, leads to lower energy consumption and reduced utility costs.

Conklin: A Leading Coating Manufacturer

Conklin has established itself as a reputable and reliable manufacturer of spray coatings in the roofing industry. With decades of experience and a commitment to quality, Conklin has earned the trust of roofing professionals and building owners alike.

Company History and Experience

Conklin's journey began in the 1970s when they pioneered the development of acrylic roof coatings. Their innovative solutions quickly gained popularity; since then, the company has been at the forefront of coating technology.

Commitment to Quality

Conklin's commitment to quality is evident in its rigorous testing processes and adherence to industry standards. They use premium-grade materials in their coatings, ensuring superior performance and longevity.

Conklin Rapid Roof III Products and Solutions

Conklin offers a diverse range of spray coatings under their Rapid Roof III product line, catering to various roofing needs. Let's explore some of their notable coatings:

Rapid Roof III Acrylic Coating: This versatile coating provides excellent protection and waterproofing for flat roofs. Its reflective properties help improve energy efficiency and reduce cooling costs.

Rapid Roof III Silicone Coating: Silicone coatings are ideal for roofs with unusual shapes and hard-to-reach areas. They offer exceptional UV resistance and weatherproofing.

Rapid Roof III Metal Roof Coating: Specifically designed for metal roofs, this coating provides superior protection against rust, corrosion, and UV damage.

Potential Applications of Rapid Roof III Coatings

Rapid Roof III coatings can be applied to various flat roofs, including residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. They are suitable for both new roof installations and roof restoration projects.

Case Studies: Successful Spray Roofing Projects in Wisconsin

One successful project in Wisconsin involved the Prairie Hills Waldorf School. The school's aging flat roof showed signs of wear, and its energy costs were soaring due to the dark roof color. The roofing professionals decided to apply Rapid Roof III Acrylic Coating in a light color to address these issues.

The results were remarkable. The light-colored coating refreshed the school's appearance and significantly reduced indoor temperatures during hot days. As a result, the school's cooling costs decreased, leading to substantial energy savings.


Changing the color of your flat roof is possible and beneficial, especially with Rapid Roof III coatings. These coatings offer excellent weather resistance, prolong the roof's lifespan, and can significantly improve energy efficiency, resulting in reduced utility costs. When considering a roof color change, trust Conklin's Rapid Roof III products to deliver exceptional results. So, say goodbye to the monotony of your flat roof and embrace a fresh new look with the power of innovative roof coatings.

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