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Bristol, Kenosha County

Bristol City Kenosha in Wisconsin is a vibrant and growing community with beautiful landscapes, a thriving economy, and a welcoming atmosphere, making it a popular destination for business and leisure.

Modern Exterior is a trusted company in Bristol City Kenosha, specializing in residential and commercial roofing, gutter, window, and siding services. We provide expert installations, repairs, and replacements, helping enhance properties with durability and aesthetic appeal.

Bristol City Kenosha has a population of around 30,000 residents. The city has a strong economy supported by diverse industries, with above-average median household income and a low unemployment rate. The affordable cost of living adds to its appeal as a desirable place to live and work.

Bristol City Kenosha offers a variety of attractions and activities for residents and visitors. Explore beautiful parks like Bristol Woods Park and Anderson Park, enjoy dining and shopping at local businesses, and visit popular cultural sites like the Kenosha History Center and Civil War Museum. From outdoor recreation to culinary delights and cultural experiences, the city has something for everyone to enjoy.

8 Common Roofing Problems in Bristol

- Roof Leaks
- Aging and Weathering
- Damaged or Missing Shingles
- Poor Installation
- Flashing Problems
- Poor Ventilation
- Ice Dams
- Tree Damage

Asphalt Roofing Options:

Good: IKO Cambridge
Better: IKO Dynasty
Best: IKO Armor Shake
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Average Roof Replacement Cost in Bristol

Household Income
Median Home Sale price
Total Homes
Average Roof Replacement Cost
Average Roof Repair
Average Cost of Gutter Installation
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Roof Repair Bristol, WI

At Modern Exterior, we are your go-to experts for all your exterior home needs in Bristol, WI. We provide reliable and professional roof repair services to ensure the integrity and longevity of your roof. Our team of skilled local contractors is dedicated to efficiently and effectively handling any repair job. Whether you have asphalt shingles, wood shake, slate tile, or a flat roof, we specialize in repairing various roof types. If you notice any signs of damage or leaks, don't hesitate to contact Modern Exterior for top-quality roof repair services in Bristol, WI.

Roof Inspection Bristol, WI

Regular roof inspections are crucial for maintaining the health and performance of your roof. At Modern Exterior, we offer professional roof inspection services in Bristol, WI. Our experienced inspectors will thoroughly assess your roof for any issues, including leaks, storm damage, and general wear and tear. By scheduling a roof inspection with us, you can stay informed about the condition of your roof and address any potential problems before they worsen.
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Gutter Guard Bristol, WI

Properly functioning gutters are essential for protecting your roof and preventing water damage. To ensure your gutters remain clog-free and functional, consider installing gutter guards. At Modern Exterior, we provide reliable gutter guard solutions for homes in Bristol, WI. Our gutter guards effectively keep leaves and debris out of your gutters, allowing for proper water flow and minimizing the risk of water damage to your roof. Contact us for high-quality gutter guard installation and enjoy hassle-free gutter maintenance.

Roof Leak Repair Bristol, WI

Dealing with a roof leak can be stressful, but you can rely on Modern Exterior for prompt and professional roof leak repair in Bristol, WI. Our local contractors specialize in identifying the source of the leak and providing efficient repairs. Whether it's a minor leak or a more significant issue, we have the expertise and tools to inspect, patch, and permanently fix your roof. Don't let a roof leak compromise the safety and comfort of your home - contact Modern Exterior for reliable roof leak repair services.
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Roofing Contractor Bristol, WI

When it comes to roofing services in Bristol, WI, Modern Exterior is the name to trust. As your reliable roofing contractor, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional quality and customer satisfaction. Whether you need roof repairs, inspections, or maintenance services, our highly skilled team brings years of experience and expertise to every project. Count on us to handle your roofing needs with professionalism and a commitment to excellence.

Roof Replacement Bristol, WI

If your roof is beyond repair or in need of a complete overhaul, Modern Exterior is here to provide expert roof replacement services in Bristol, WI. Our professional team will assess the condition of your roof, provide a free inspection, and offer an accurate estimate for a new roof. We'll guide you through the selection process, helping you choose the right materials and options for a durable and visually appealing roof. Trust Modern Exterior for a successful roof replacement that enhances the protection and beauty of your Bristol home. Contact us today for your free roof inspection.

Wisconsin Roofing Experts

Since our beginning, we have been extremely passionate about our work. Our quality and the beauty of our work drives us through each project. Upholding our reputation and being as clairvoyant as possible to every homeowner are of utmost importance.
About Us
denis boyko
denis boyko
The Modern Exterior guys are awesome to work with. I run a Masonry company and work alongside these guys on many projects. All I can say is that they have been the easiest company I've ever worked with and I recommend anyone to hire them for your services. Not to mention the quality of their work is top notch.
John Luby
John Luby
Modern Exteriors is a great partner to work with. Very professional and easy to do business with.
10/10 service
Mary Tesch
Mary Tesch
I received a very fair estimate for the new roof on our home. Workmanship was top notch. Fantastic job! The yard was clean with no remaining debris. Excellent communication. I would highly recommend!
Brian Wroblewski
Brian Wroblewski
These guys are the best up and coming firm in the industry. Highly capable. Very responsive. Great value. Can't say enough about the experience and this is the 2nd property I used them for.
Tyler Sack
Tyler Sack
Great guys! Thank you Jonathan and crew!
Sheen McKasper
Sheen McKasper
They came out and did an amazing job! Everything was cleaned up after they left and I didn’t have to do anything other than come out and greet them when they got there! Super professional and respectful! Definitely will only be using them for all my future projects!
Dawn Reynolds
Dawn Reynolds
We had our roof fully replace 1 1/2 years ago from another company. The other company did not put new flashing on. I called modern exterior and they made availability the following week and came up with a plan to fix our still leaking roof. They came to repair it about one week later. Unfortunately water problems can be hard to figure out and with the last four day rain we had we did have a couple of drips come inside ( mind you it was much better than the stream we had before this). I called xavier on a Sunday not expecting a response until Monday. Amazingly he called right back and said the owner would be out Monday morning. He was and he spent over 2 hours looking for where the water was coming from. Said he wasn’t leaving u til he figured it out! His crew was out later that afternoon to fix it and said to call if we had any more problems. No problems after this weekends rain. Thank you Modern Exterior!!!!!!!!
Robert Schaab
Robert Schaab
We recently had a gutter replacement and the whole process was very easy. Great communication (really appreciate the option to text or email) and the install was quick and painless. The crew should up and had everything done in less than 30 min. Would highly recommend!

Our Roofing Services

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Roof Inspection
We offer free roof inspections. Feel free to book contact us today so we can check out your roof.
Roof Repair
If your roof doesn't need to be replaced then we can help you save money by repairing it.
Roof Installation
Installing a new roof is a significant investment so make sure to choose the right people for the job.

Why Choose Modern Exterior?

Our team is trained to assess the condition of your home and determine the best type of repair or installation that makes sense for your budget. Through serving our clients and maintaining strict quality standards, we have been rated the most trusted roofing company in the Bristol area.
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With fair prices and professional service, we make sure our work lasts.
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We have trained our personal to top quality standards.
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Communication is very important to us and we are always happy to help.

Looking For Financing?

Our partner Enhancify is offering to finance up to $250,000 for Home Improvements. This includes roofing, siding, windows, and gutter services.

Local Bristol WI Roofers

There are many roofing contractors in Bristol. We are your local family-owned roofing business that has seen it all. With us you know you are dealing with a company that honors its warranties.


Customer Support
If you have any issues or concerns feel free to call us any time and we will be happy to assist you with anything you might need.


Customer Satisfaction
Modern Exterior is the most trusted roofing contractor in the Milwaukee area. Have a look at our reviews and see for yourself.


Roofing Contractor
We do residential roof repairs, roof maintenance, and roof installations in Bristol, WI.
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Roofing Contractor
We can handle all your commercial needs in Bristol, WI. Whether you need a new roof or an existing one repaired.
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24-Hour Emergency Repair
We are quick and will work during storms in Bristol.
Dependable Roof Repairs
We offer 2-5 year warranties on our repairs in Bristol.
Diverse Skillset
We can repair most roof types in Bristol.

Can Your Roof Be Repaired in Bristol, WI?

Modern roofing is a full-service roofing contracting company that has been providing a diverse range of roofing services to customers in Milwaukee, Waukesha, and in Bristol. These customers include multi-unit residential, commercial, industrial, governmental, and institutional establishments.

Our entire workforce is completely certified, insured, and knowledgeable in all of the most recent roofing technologies and procedures, in addition to being skilled in our best practices.

In order to finish every job that we take on, we only make use of supplies of the highest possible quality, tools, and equipment that are the most up-to-date, and premium products that are, in many cases, only available to roofing professionals. Furthermore, we will never settle for anything less than the highest possible level of craftsmanship and maximum results for our customers.

When working as a roofer in Bristol, WI for a number of years, one of the things that became clear was that unexpected crises caused by the weather are never scheduled. Because they are just as likely to occur in the middle of the night as they are during the daytime, Modern Roofing provides emergency roof leak repair services throughout, to aid customers who are in need of assistance outside of regular business hours in Bristol.

We guarantee that there will be technicians available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, regardless of the time of year, so that you won't be left out in the cold, in the rain, in the sleet, or in the hail, or in any other type of inclement weather that Mother Nature may decide to send your way in Bristol.

Milwaukee Modern Roofing will help you with all of your roof repair needs, no matter where your structure or structures are situated in the greater Milwaukee area which includes Bristol. In order to restore your roof to functioning condition, we will only use the finest materials and tried-and-true procedures, and we will do so promptly and professionally – with no exception.

We take great pride in our well-earned reputation for integrity and quality work, earned over the course of many years of successful service. For multi-unit residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, and governmental clients who return to us time and time again for all their roofing and roof repair wants, this is a major factor.

EPDM, TPO, metal, and single-ply systems are just a few of the roofing materials we repair in Bristol, WI.

Your Roof Repair Specialists in Bristol, Wisconsin!

When our specialists arrive on-site, they will be happy to discuss the importance of these key components that set Modern Exterior apart from the others.

Got an Old Leaking Roof in Bristol?

If your building's roof is in bad shape, owning a home can be a costly undertaking. We are happy to replace roofs in Bristol and the surrounding areas, but in the majority of cases, a simple roof repair is the most cost-effective option.

Modern exterior understands that constructing a new roof might be prohibitively expensive and time-consuming for a variety of reasons; thus, in these cases, our specialists will offer a thorough roof repair.

Repairing your roof with the help of one of our expert teams can help keep it in better shape for longer and address small problems before they become serious ones.

The Facts on  Roof Repair in Bristol, WI.

When it comes to roofing, we've learned a few things over the years while servicing the Bristol community. Repairing the roof is the first and best option for the majority of problems.

Even while we will advocate a new roof if safety is a concern that cannot be remedied by repair work, we would want to provide our customers with less expensive options wherever possible. Even though we're confident in the abilities of our workers, you can rest assured that we'll do the best work possible to help extend the life of your roof for another decade or more. 

Our satisfaction guarantee should demonstrate how confident we are in our abilities.

Roof Emergencies Will Happen in Bristol – Call Modern Exterior Roofing!

When you're in need of an emergency roof repair, you can count on us to arrive quickly and get the job done right. In some cases, these situations may lead to property damage, business losses, or even personal injury for you and your employees.

If you have a roof that needs close attention, none of these consequences are acceptable, especially when Modern Exterior Roofing can take care of the issue quickly and safely. Modern Exterior Roofing Solutions will be there for you when disaster strikes, whether it's storm damage or something else.

Even with your insurance claims, we'll be here to assist you. While you make a claim with your insurance company, we can go to work. There may be hard-to-see structural issues in your home that we can address in a comprehensive assessment.

To put your mind at ease, you may rely on our level of knowledge and long history in the field. And that's just one more incentive to choose us for any type of roof repair in Bristol, Wisconsin.
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