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Top 5 Best Commercial Contractors in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Date: October 27, 2022

Finding a reliable commercial contractor is vital to the success of any commercial construction project, whether it's design and building, restoration and remodeling, or maintenance and repair. Milwaukee, like many other Midwestern cities, is a booming industrial hub.

Building a business demands a large investment and meticulous planning to use every resource effectively. Finding a competent building company will help with this.

Our editorial team chose these construction companies based on their experience, reputation, and ability to match entrepreneurs' and developers' goals. Look no further than this curated list of the top 5 best commercial contractors in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Catalyst Construction, JP Cullen, Kotze Construction Co, Corporate Contractors, Inc., Keller, Inc. if you operate a business with a building or renovation project in need of professional hands.

What does a commercial contractor do?

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As any business owner or facilities manager can attest, a commercial building or renovation project involves far more tasks than a typical home improvement project. In the construction industry, commercial contractors are the general contractors who specialize in building for businesses.

Managing every detail and acting as the general contractor and project manager on a commercial construction project is impossible for the average business owner. Hiring a general contractor (GC) to manage the entire endeavor from start to finish is common practice when working on a commercial project.

Commercial contractors must anticipate and address potential problems before they arise to ensure successful project completion. If you have an original idea for your project but are unsure of how to make it a reality practically and securely, a commercial contractor can advise you based on their extensive knowledge of current commercial design trends.

When it comes to commercial construction, the bigger and trickier the job, the more money you should expect to spend on hiring a professional commercial contractor. Saving money is one of the numerous advantages of hiring a general contractor.

Hiring a general contractor allows you to put your energy into more enjoyable aspects of your remodeling while they take care of the grunt work. Commercial contractors are responsible for a wide variety of tasks, including but not limited to the following:

  • Controlling the entire building and development process
  • Amassing necessary resources
  • Respecting building and zoning ordinances
  • Keeping in touch with the other managers, owners, subcontractors, and suppliers involved in the project.
  • Keeping the project on track monetarily and time-wise

The top 5 best commercial contractors in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Building for the private market (commercial construction) is done to generate income through the sale of finished structures. There is more to finishing a building project than just taking advantage of economies of scale, though, since planning is required to persuade the client to buy it.

National contractors may first appear to be less expensive than regional or local construction firms when you are first getting estimates for your next commercial building project. One reason for this is that large national corporations are often able to negotiate lower costs for supplies, machinery, and even workers.

Hiring a general contractor in your area can help your next job go off without a hitch, saving you time and money. The contractor is ultimately responsible for ensuring that all of its internal and external interactions contribute to the project's timely completion.

1. Catalyst Construction

Catalyst Construction was founded in 2004, and ever since then, it has been engaged in the construction industry. While finished buildings are the most visible product of a construction management company's efforts, the firm places equal value on its partnerships with its customers, suppliers, and subcontractors.

Currently, Mr. Matt Burow holds the positions of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Matt's diverse background as a business executive has given him an exceptional understanding of how clients, especially charities, evaluate initiatives.

Adam Arndt handles presidential duties, and as the project's leader, he is in a special position to grasp both the owner's interests and the construction manager's duties. By learning about the company's goals, desires, and limitations from the owners' perspective, he is able to provide creative answers to the challenges many for-purpose businesses confront.

They specialize in the following:

  • Church Construction

Catalyst Construction's vision is to provide more than just a physical structure to assist churches realizes the founder's core beliefs. They take great pride in their buildings being inexpensive and of the highest possible quality.

Catalyst Ministry Solutions is a branch of their business dedicated to assisting churches of many sizes and faiths in carrying out the mission God has given them. They are the industry leaders in building both contemporary and historic churches.

  • Green Building & Sustainable Construction

Sustainable construction has several positive effects, including fewer pollutants and energy costs. To ensure that their crew thoroughly understands the most environmentally friendly and economically effective design procedures, they have adopted Wisconsin Green Build Home design standards and earned WGBH accreditation.

They believe that by using cutting-edge construction techniques, they may save Earth's delicate ecosystem by encouraging long-term viability and green progress.

  • Private School Construction

Their Catalyst Framework provides a methodical yet flexible approach to understanding the needs of educational institutions and delivering on their vision. They use their background in building churches and religious schools to design classrooms that engage students, bring people together, and advance your goals.

In providing today's students with the best education available, they collaborate with private, independent, and parochial schools to design and construct campuses and facilities tailored to their specific requirements.

  • Affordable Housing Construction

As Wisconsin's leading AH builder, they work with property owners and development partners to enhance the number and quality of affordable homes across the state. Catalyst Construction's approach to affordable housing is holistic, considering both the end result and the workers.

Catalyst's purpose is to improve housing for all and to help ease the home affordability crisis. Their industry-leading knowledge allows them to guide customers and partners through the maze of low-income housing rules, standards, and processes.

The affordable housing dilemma stems from a supply-demand imbalance whereby low-income families can't find enough affordable housing units to meet their needs. Wisconsin is one step closer to achieving its need for affordable housing, and more low-income families may afford excellent, reasonably priced houses, leading to stronger neighborhoods.

Some of their projects include:

  • Milwaukee Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Christian Education Leadership Academy
  • Christ Church
  • Evin Senior Care
  • 88Nine Radio Milwaukee
  • Providence Academy

2. JP Cullen

John Patrick (or J. P.) Cullen established the construction firm of J. P. Cullen & Sons in Janesville, Wisconsin, about fifty miles southeast of Madison, in 1892. He instilled in the workforce the values of providing the finest possible service to their customers and acting with the highest honesty and integrity in all that they do.

They strive to be the most efficient and effective building company in the area, working harder and smarter than our competitors. They may do everything from design a 3D environment to correctly scope a project to carry out renovations on a school building or construct a LEED-certified workplace.

They create trustworthy relationships with the individuals they serve by giving them memorable, one-of-a-kind experiences. In addition, they place a high priority on making sure both employees and your clients are safe.

Their core values express their deepest commitments and motivate everything they do. Employees at JP Cullen are expected to model the values: of loyalty, responsibility, honesty, drive, humility, and leadership.

They offer a vast array of services to ensure your satisfaction. They include:

  • Process Improvement / Prefabrication
  • Virtual Design & Construction (VDC)
  • Self-Performed Work
  • Pre-construction
  • Referendum Services
  • Sustainability
  • Historical Restoration
  • Contractor Services
  • Design-Build/EPC
  • Safety

Their projects cover all from Commercial, Education, Healthcare, Industrial, and Science & Tech construction. They have more details on their website.

3. Kotze Construction Co

Since its founding by George Kotze in 1925, Kotze Construction Co. has been providing general construction services to a developing Milwaukee. Since that time, Kotze Construction has been Milwaukee's go-to for all of the city's construction needs, and they've helped the city out of some sticky situations.

Kotze is able to pay greater attention to detail and produce higher-quality work because they are a smaller company. They care about your happiness because they know they can help you if they take the time to learn about your project and the difficulties you face.

Kotze Construction Company's dedication to its employees and customers has helped it thrive in this fast-paced field. Their dedication to hard effort, creative problem solving, and people allow them to fulfill their objective as a company and take care of the individuals they care about.

Rupert Kotze, the grandson of company founder George, serves as President, CEO, Project Coordinator, and Troubleshooter at Kotze Construction. Rupert has learned through experience that a can-do attitude, creative problem-solving, and unwavering honesty are essential to success in any endeavor.

Rupert has been providing the kind of job his family has prided themselves on for decades as a business since 1983. Rupert has a distinct advantage over his competitors since he has watched the company evolve and change hands.

Their projects include:

  • Jm Brennan
  • Kikkoman
  • Wisn Tv
  • Westmoor Country Club

4. Corporate Contractors, Inc.

Corporate Contractors, Inc. (CCI) is an industry-leading general contractor with a singular mission: to actualize their clients' visions via innovative design and meticulous craftsmanship. CCI's history of outstanding craftsmanship and excellent customer service is complemented by its dedication to cutting-edge product design, high-quality materials, and meticulous attention to detail.

Their company ideals and work ethic are rooted in their Midwestern upbringing and location (headquarters in southern Wisconsin, with a second office in the Milwaukee area). From developing industrial sites and constructing new community assets to preserving treasured landmarks and repairing historic commercial buildings, CCI has executed thousands of construction projects locally and nationally over the span of four decades and more.

They can guarantee the success of every project because we offer a wide variety of services, products, and procedures across many different industries. Their skilled workers have developed their abilities over many years and many different types of tasks.

Their work reflects not only a deep personal investment in our guiding principles but also a 21st-century sensitivity to ecological concerns.

Over the years, they've worked on countless projects in various industries and created an effective working dynamic. They offer:

  • Non-Residential construction services
  • Residential construction services: By incorporating Lowell Custom Homes (LCH) in 2022, CCI was able to offer custom home design, development, and construction. LCH has spent the last 40 years developing some of the Midwest's most stunning and original private residences.
  • Self-Performed Services

5. Keller, Inc.

Keller has been a pioneer in innovative design/build services since its founding in 1960. Architects, interior designers, and project managers all work under one roof, making them easy points of contact for clients concerned about staying on schedule and within their budget.

What's more? Keller is owned entirely by its workforce. That means you'll always be talking with a company owner, which means faster answers, a cleaner work atmosphere, and greater pride in your job.

For a certain time after completion, Keller stands by the quality of every building it constructs with a materials and workmanship warranty. When a consumer has an issue with a product, Keller feels it is the company's responsibility to work with them to find a solution that makes everyone happy.

Keller has also learned that keeping customers in the loop from the beginning of the process all the way to the end results in much greater happiness for everyone involved.

They'll keep you informed about your building's progress from start to finish, explaining each phase, answering your questions, providing easy-to-understand solutions, and ensuring everything stay on schedule and within budget.

When your company's expansion plans are dependent on the opening of your new building, time is of the essence. Keller's Design/Build teams are able to work swiftly thanks to their innate collaboration, frequently beginning time-saving measures like pouring concrete and placing footings before floor designs have been finished or approved.

They base their projects in a wide array of sectors, including Agriculture, Automotive, Healthcare, Manufacturing / Industrial, Religious, Recreation, and many more. Some of them include the following:

  • Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church & School
  • Butte Des Morts Country Club
  • Advanced Family Chiropractic
  • Lawrence University
  • Steins Aircraft
  • Wiese Brothers Farms

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