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What to Do if a Tree Falls on Your House

Date: March 9, 2024

During a storm or emergency, when the unexpected occurs, knowing the right steps to take can mean the difference between safety and disaster. When a tree falls on your house in such a situation, it's not just a matter of inconvenience, it's a matter of urgent action. The weight of the tree and the potential damage it brings can be overwhelming, but staying calm and knowing what to do next is key.

What to Do if a Tree Falls on Your House

In these moments, having a plan in place can provide peace of mind and ensure that you and your loved ones are protected. So, if a tree falls on your house during a storm or emergency, it's crucial to be prepared and ready to act swiftly.

There are various scenarios where a tree could collapse onto a residence, such as strong winds, flooding, or severe winter weather conditions. Regardless of the triggering factor, the event of a tree falling onto a house can evoke fear and pose significant safety hazards. In such a situation, taking prompt action is crucial to ensure the safety of individuals and minimize further damage to the property. 

Tree Falls on your house

If a tree falls on your house, the following steps should be taken immediately:

Step 1: Document the Damages

When a tree falls on your house, the first thing to do is to quickly assess the damage. Use your camera or phone to take pictures of the destruction from different angles to make sure you cover everything. Look for any signs that the structure of your house is compromised, like holes in the roof or water leaking inside. This careful documentation is important for your insurance claim and helps contractors figure out what repairs are needed. By showing exactly how much damage the fallen tree caused, you speed up the process of fixing your home and making it safe again. 

Remember, acting fast and taking detailed pictures are crucial when dealing with a tree falling on your house. This helps make the recovery process go more smoothly and ensures that your home gets back to being safe and comfortable as soon as possible.

Step 2: Initiate Your Insurance Claim

With thorough documentation in hand, the next essential step is to promptly contact your insurance provider in the event of trees falling on your house. Begin the process by initiating a claim for the damages sustained, providing detailed information about the incident. It's important to share any photos or videos taken during the assessment to strengthen your claim. In areas prone to severe weather conditions, like Wisconsin, insurance coverage plays a crucial role in providing assistance during crises. 

By promptly reaching out to your insurance provider, you lay the groundwork for swift support and financial aid to facilitate the restoration of your home's safety and security. This proactive approach ensures that you can access the necessary resources to address the damage and begin the rebuilding process as soon as possible.

Step 3: Schedule an Appointment with an Insurance Adjuster

After filing your insurance claim for damages caused by trees falling on your house, the insurance company will likely send an adjuster to assess the situation. It's important to schedule a timely appointment for the adjuster to visit your property and conduct a thorough evaluation. During this visit, accompany the adjuster and point out any areas of concern or additional damage that may not be immediately obvious. 

This collaborative approach ensures that all damages are accurately documented and accounted for in your claim. By actively participating in the assessment process, you contribute to a more comprehensive evaluation, which can lead to a smoother and fairer resolution of your insurance claim. This proactive involvement helps ensure that you receive the appropriate compensation for the damages incurred.

Step 4: Contact Contractors for Repair or Replacement Quotes

While waiting for the insurance adjuster to assess the damage caused by trees falling on your house, it's wise to take proactive steps to gather estimates from reputable contractors. Reach out to local roofing companies and schedule appointments for them to inspect the damage and provide repair or replacement estimates. Compare the quotes carefully, considering factors like materials, labor costs, and projected timelines for the project. 

Choosing a contractor with the necessary qualifications and experience is essential to ensure the work is done to a high standard and completed within the agreed-upon timeframe. This approach allows homeowners to make informed decisions about repairing their homes following such incidents and helps expedite the restoration process.

Step 5: Make a Decision and Schedule an Installation Date

With insurance estimates and contractor quotes in hand, it's important to make informed decisions about restoring your home after trees fall on it. Start by consulting with your insurance provider to go over your coverage and address any questions or concerns. Once you've chosen a contractor and outlined the work to be done, coordinate with them to set an installation date. 

Restoring your home is a collective effort involving collaboration between insurance providers, contractors, and homeowners. By working together, the rebuilding process goes beyond individual efforts and helps restore security and comfort to the community.

Dangers of Trees Falling on Your House

A tree falling on your house poses significant danger, particularly if it's a large tree. Sizeable trees have the potential to puncture roofs, shatter windows, and inflict severe structural harm upon your residence. Moreover, trees of any magnitude might pull down power lines, introducing additional hazards beyond the initial impact of a tree falling on your house.

When to Seek Professional Assistance

When a tree falls on your house, the initial steps are crucial. Begin by contacting your insurance agent, followed promptly by seeking assistance from a professional. Such an incident is inherently serious, underscoring the necessity of engaging a roofing expert to assess potential roof damage as a minimum precaution. In cases of significant damage, it's imperative to enlist the expertise of multiple professionals to ensure the safe removal of the tree, safeguarding both your home's integrity and the well-being of those involved.


After a tree falls on your house, act fast. Contact your insurance agent right away and hire professional roofers and tree removal specialists. Each step is important to stop more damage and keep your home and family safe. Remember, when trees fall on your house, trust the pros to check the damage and fix it safely. This will bring back your home's safety and calm.

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