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Why Are All Roofers Mexican?

Date: June 23, 2023

If you take a closer look at the roofing industry in the United States, you'll notice an interesting trend: it seems that most roofers in the US are Mexican or from Latin countries. Many skilled roofers come from Mexico, and various Latin American countries, and these talented individuals have made a significant impact on the field, bringing their expertise and strong work ethic to create a rich and diverse roofing community. 

Aside from their work ethics, remarkable craftsmanship, and expertise, there are several other key reasons behind the prominence of Mexican and Latin American roofers in the roofing industry across the United States. Let's explore these factors that have contributed to their widespread presence.

Why Are All Roofers Mexican?

an image showing Mexican roofers working on a roofing project

1. Roofing is tough and risky work, making it hard to find people willing to do it for long periods.

Roofing is a physically demanding, risky, and often painful job; hence, finding individuals who are willing to undertake this challenging work for extended periods can be difficult. For the reason that roofing is a demanding and challenging job that requires physical endurance and a willingness to work in potentially risky conditions; it ranks 4th among the most dangerous jobs in the U.S.

Roofers face physically demanding tasks such as carrying heavy materials, climbing ladders, and working in various weather conditions. The risk factor associated with working at heights further adds to the difficulty of finding individuals who are willing to undertake this demanding job for extended periods. Moreover, the discomfort, pain, and potential for injuries can deter individuals from pursuing roofing as a long-term career choice.

Despite all of these, in the challenging and physically demanding field of roofing, the presence of Mexican and Latin American individuals becomes particularly notable. Their involvement in the industry can be attributed to their willingness to tackle the demanding nature of the job and their perseverance in overcoming the associated risks and discomforts. The contribution of Mexican and Latin American individuals in the roofing profession is an essential aspect to consider, as they bring a strong work ethic, resilience, and a willingness to undertake this demanding occupation for extended periods.

2. Language barrier limits job opportunities.

When immigrants come to the US, many of them face the difficulty of not being able to speak English. This language barrier significantly reduces the number of job opportunities available to them since knowing English is often a requirement for many jobs.  This lack of English proficiency presents a significant obstacle for immigrants seeking employment opportunities. With approximately 67% of immigrants arriving without fluency in English, the available job options become considerably limited. 

Without a strong command of the English language, immigrants may find it difficult to secure jobs that require effective communication. Consequently, immigrants who are still learning the language may be limited to positions that don't necessitate extensive English communication, such as certain manual labor, like in the roofing industry.

3. The USA’s shortage of trade workers creates new opportunities for Mexican and Latin immigrants.

Due to a shortage of trade workers in the USA, there are fewer new entrants joining the roofing industry, which in turn creates an increased number of job openings.

The roofing industry in the United States has undergone significant growth in recent years, which in turn leads to an increased demand for skilled labor. Fortunately, a group of dedicated professionals comes into play, filling this need with their exceptional expertise and work ethic. Mexican and Latin American roofers have become invaluable assets to the industry, making significant contributions and leaving a lasting impact.

As the industry experiences growth, these skilled professionals contribute to local economies by generating employment opportunities and supporting small businesses that provide roofing materials and related services. Their active participation in the industry helps stimulate economic growth and foster community development.

Most roofers in Wisconsin are from Mexico, Honduras, and Ecuador

an image of professional roofers in Wisconsin

If you are in Wisconsin, you'll find that a considerable number of skilled roofers either hail from Mexico, Honduras, and Ecuador. These professionals have made significant contributions to the local roofing industry, bringing their expertise and experience to provide quality roofing techniques and solutions.

The majority of roofers from Mexico, Honduras, and Ecuador in Wisconsin provide an opportunity for homeowners and businesses alike, as their diverse backgrounds and knowledge of various roofing techniques can offer unique perspectives and solutions for your roofing needs. Whether it's handling different roofing materials or incorporating specific styles, these roofers bring a wealth of expertise to the table.

Their ability to adapt to different roofing techniques and materials has been crucial in meeting the diverse needs of customers. Roofing practices and materials can vary greatly depending on the region, climate, and architectural styles. The expertise of these skilled professionals in adapting to these variations has been vital in delivering high-quality roofing solutions that meet the unique requirements of each project.


The prevalence of Mexican and Latin American roofers in the United States can be attributed to the demanding nature of the job, the language barrier faced by immigrants, and the high demand for skilled trade workers in the country.  

As the roofing industry continues to grow and evolve, the need for experienced and competent roofers becomes increasingly vital. Mexican and Latin American roofers fill this need by providing a pool of skilled labor that is ready to take on the challenges of this demanding and risky job. Their great contributions help meet the industry's demands for timely and high-quality roofing services, ensuring that construction or roofing projects progress smoothly and roofs are installed or repaired with precision. Their valuable contributions ensure the availability of skilled labor in the roofing sector, playing a crucial role in meeting the industry's demands.

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