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Why do I Need Gutters?

Date: December 16, 2021

As a homeowner, maintenance of your home has to be considered daily. From furnace repairs to bedroom repainting, it may seem like there’s too much to upkeep on your property. But it is vital that you don’t forget the gutters when you think about home maintenance. They may seem simple, just a couple of pieces of steel or aluminum that push water around, but those pieces of metal do more than you might think!

The primary and most important thing that a gutter does is divert water away from your home. You may be asking yourself: why does water need to be diverted? Doesn’t my roof and siding keep the water out? Where you are correct is that siding can withstand the sideways rain that the punishing Midwestern climates may throw at it, the foundation of your home may be less able to handle large amounts of water. This may cause damage to the foundation of your home, along with flooding in your basement. 

To avoid the mold and mildew growth that may come with basement flooding, it is essential to check that your gutters are in working order; it is also important that the gutter system has been installed correctly. A well-functioning gutter system will be free of holes or gaps; they will be installed tight to your home, won’t be sagging, and pitched towards your downspouts. If your gutter system isn’t built like this, you may incur costly and possibly even dangerous damages to your home in the future.

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