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The Importance of Roof Inspection After a Storm

Date: May 4, 2024

Your roof is super important for protecting your home and family from bad weather. So, making sure it's in good shape, especially after a big storm, is really important. Getting a professional to check your roof can find any damage and figure out what needs fixing. It can also stop any more damage by catching issues early. Continue reading to discover the importance of roof inspection after a storm.

The Importance of Roof Inspections After a Storm

After a storm in your area, it's really important to check your roof thoroughly. Even though it might seem like an extra task, it's super important because it helps protect your home from big problems later on.

Storms can cause a lot of damage to roofs, like making shingles loose or tearing them off completely, which lets water in. Strong winds can also knock down branches or trees onto your roof, which can really mess up its structure. Hail is another problem because it can leave dents or holes in your roof, causing leaks later on if you don't fix them quickly.

Checking your roof after a storm helps you find any issues early on, so you can fix them before they get worse. This way, you stop more damage from happening and make sure your roof lasts a long time.

For example, let's say a storm with heavy winds comes through your neighborhood. After checking your roof, you notice some missing shingles and water stains inside your house. By fixing these problems right away, you prevent water from damaging the inside of your home and causing mold or rotting wood later on.

Some people might wonder if checking their roof after a storm is really necessary, especially if they don't see any obvious damage. But it's important to remember that some roof problems might not show up right away. If you don't catch them early, they could get worse and cost you a lot more to fix later on, or even mean you need a whole new roof.

Also, a lot of roofing warranties say you need to do regular checks and maintenance to keep the warranty valid. If you don't check your roof after a storm and fix any issues quickly, you might end up having to pay for repairs yourself later on, even if the warranty would have covered it.

So, checking your roof after a storm isn't something you can skip—it's really important for protecting your home and saving money in the long run. It helps you find problems early, stop more damage, and avoid big expenses later on.

Types of Roof Damage from Storms

If you're not up on your roof and don't know exactly what to look for, you might miss signs of storm damage. But it's safest to inspect your roof from the ground and leave climbing to the pros!

Here are some common types of storm damage to look out for:

  1. Loose, damaged, or missing shingles: Walk around your home and check for shingles that have come off. Look at the base of your house and also inspect flashing and fascia.
  2. Dark spots and discoloration: Keep an eye out for areas that look darker than usual. This could be a sign of water damage or pooling water, which can lead to leaks in your attic.

Signs to Check for After a Storm:

  1. Wind Damage: Strong winds can mess up your roof, from the shingles to the flashing. If you've had high winds, it's smart to get a pro to check it out.
  2. Hail Damage: Hail can leave dents, cracks, and holes in your roof, which can cause leaks if you don't fix them.
  3. Falling Debris: Lots of leaves, branches, and other stuff falling on your roof can cause damage. Make sure to clear away any extra debris and check for any problems.

The Dangers Of Ignoring The Damage

Not checking and fixing roof damage after a storm can cause a lot of problems:

  1. Water Damage: Even small leaks can cause big water damage over time, affecting your ceilings, walls, and the whole structure of your house.
  2. Mold and Mildew: When moisture gets in, it's perfect for mold and mildew to grow, which can be really bad for your health.
  3. Higher Repair Costs: If you don't fix small problems quickly, they can turn into big ones, costing you a lot more to repair later on.
  4. Insurance Issues: Sometimes, not acting fast after a storm can make it harder to get insurance to cover the damage.

How to Get Ready for a Roof Inspection After a Storm

Preparing for a roof inspection after a storm is essential for a thorough evaluation. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Document the Damage:
    • Take clear photos or videos of the damage before the inspection begins. These visuals will be helpful for insurance claims and discussions with contractors later on. Capture both close-up shots and wider angles for a complete record.
  2. Clear Your Attic:
    • Check your attic for signs of water leaks or damage during the inspection. Remove any items or obstacles that might block your view. Look for water stains, wet spots, mold growth, or any other signs of water getting in.
  3. Safety Equipment:
    • Invest in the right safety gear before going up on your roof. Wear sturdy shoes with good grip, use a safety harness and rope if needed, and ensure your ladder is stable and tall enough. Safety is crucial during roof inspections.
  4. Proper Lighting:
    • Make sure you have enough light when inspecting your roof. Natural light is best, but you can also use portable lights to brighten darker areas. Good lighting helps you spot damage and take accurate photos.
  5. Take Notes:
    • As you inspect, jot down detailed notes about any damage or concerns you find. Note the location, type of damage, and any other relevant information. These notes will be handy for future reference and when discussing repairs with professionals.

The Advantages Of Hiring A Professional Roofing Contractor

There are many benefits to having a licensed roofer check your roof after a storm:

  1. Expertise: Licensed roofers know a lot about roofs and can find damage that you might miss.
  2. Safety: Inspecting roofs can be dangerous. Pros have the right gear and training to do it safely.
  3. Peace of Mind: When a professional checks your roof, you can feel better knowing your home is safe.
  4. Insurance Help: A lot of licensed roofers can help you with your insurance claim, making sure you get money for storm damage.

Hiring a professional roofing contractor to inspect your roof after a storm can give you peace of mind, knowing that any damage is properly identified and addressed. With their expertise and safety measures, licensed roofers can help keep your home secure and assist with insurance claims if needed.


Taking care of your roof after a storm is crucial for protecting your home and saving money in the long run. From checking for damage to preparing for inspections, each step plays a vital role in ensuring your roof remains in top condition. By being proactive and addressing any issues promptly, you can prevent further damage, maintain your home's structural integrity, and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your family is safe and your investment is protected. Remember, when it comes to your roof, a little attention now can save you a lot of headaches later on.

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